Movie Display (Comic-Con)

Event Report– Movie Display (Comic-Con)
Title of Event: ‘Movie Display’
Date/ Time/ Venue:
March 20th, 2023
10:00 am – 2:30 pm
Organizer: English Department
Post Event Summary Report
In continuation of the event ‘Comic-Con’ (March 01), the screening of dubbed movie “The Breadwinner” took place on March 20th. The Movie trailer was revealed in the first event of comic-con. The students from English Department developed the project starting with the translation of the script from English to Urdu, dubbing of the characters, to the editing of the movie. This project of movie was not just a piece of entertainment but was a major part of the 21 translation projects falling under the theme of Comic-Con. Along this, it was an opportunity for the students to showcase their marketing and entrepreneurial skills, with the publicity of the movie and tickets. The project received an overwhelming response from different departments of the university with two houseful shows of the movie in the morning and evening slots. The movie itself was remarkably solid form of animation revolving around themes of perseverance and hardships. It is an inspiring tale that unfolds the real power of stories to sustain hope and carry us through dark times. With this the movie wrapped up the event of comic con in its full splendour. The success of this project was possible only due to the support of supervisors Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz (Head of Department, English), Dr. Muhammad Rashid Hafeez, Madam Shahida Perveen and constant efforts of the whole student body.

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