Finishing School 2018

Elegant,Professional  & Confident

We at GCWUS aim to produce such ladies with a difference to meet the challenges of the global world. Our Finishing School is one of its kind with a focus on “SUCCESS with MANNERS”. As the name suggests, the Finishing School course follows the primary academic education and focuses on deportment and etiquette. Twice a year we conduct this course and the good news is that GCWUS is starting it again in April 2018 for the students of Social and Management Sciences (MA/MSc 4th and BS 8th Semester).
Our Modules include:
1.Art of Communication
2.Dining and Cooking Etiquette
3. Ethics, Hobbies, and Skills
4. Social Graces
5. Personality Development
6. IT Skills
Orientation Ceremony will be held on 03.04 2018 with the classes starting from 10. 04. 2018.
So gear up ladies…
For poise, elegance, grace, dignity, and style.