Chart Competition on “Statistical Chart Competition”

Gaussian Statistical Society Conducting the Event

Date of Event: 08-03-2019  Time of Event: 10:00 am-1:00 pm

Chief Guest:
1. Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmad  (Vice Chancellor)
GC Women University, Sialkot
2. Dr. Haris Rashid  (Dean of Natural Sciences)
GC Women University Sialkot

1. Miss Raheela Sohail (Assistant Professor)
Incharge Department of Mathematics
2. Miss Nuzhat Munir (Assistant Professor )
Incharge Department of Chemistry

Purpose of the event:
 To aware students about the applications of statistics in real life problems.
 How students can apply statistics in real life problems?
 How the data can be analyzed and presented using statistics?

Instructions for students:
 The chart for presentation should be a standard size chart.
 A good chart must have the following qualities:
 The topic must be given at the top of a chart in the form of heading.
 The graph or diagram presented in chart can be explained in booklet or project