GC Women University Sialkot has joined hands with Coursera the largest and widely used eLearning platform and online learning community to introduce and provide access to state-of-the art courses from Top universities around the world.

The Faculty, researchers, students, alumni  and can access 3,800 Free Online Courses and enroll in any course of their choice. On successful completion, candidate will also receive a certificate from coursera.

Courses are available Free of cost until 17 February 2022. The enrolled learners in any course will be able to complete their course beyond this date. After due date Licenses can be availed at Rs.8000 (Non-reimbursable).

The main course tracks offered under Free Coursera COVID-19 program and are available to GCWUS are:

  • Arts and humanities (336 courses)
  • Business (963)
  • Computer Science (627)
  • Health (316)
  • Personal development (346)
  • Math and logic (141)
  • Information Technology (69)
  • Physical Science and Engineering (375)
  • Data Science (364)
  • Language Learning (137)
  • Social Science (588)

To access coursera free online courses through LCWU please complete following form  CLick to Fill the Form

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