The Department of Economics is committed to upholding high standards of academic excellence through quality education. I welcome students’ community to join us in building the human resource with a clear vision of global, ethical and moral values. Our aim is to provide students with the intellectual and analytical tools and skills necessary for being critical thinkers and for using the analytical tools to investigate, confront and solve problems associated with important economic, political and social issues.The courses that we offer are very helpful in preparing our students to be leaders in the society. One of the core missions of the department is to conduct first-hand research in Economics. Students will be trained with innovative qualitative and quantitative methods of research and will be enabled to pursue lifelong learning opportunities. Their knowledge will facilitate them with a career path in different fields of life.I am confident that with the dedication and efforts of my whole staff, our students will acquire knowledge and undergo continuous improvement and innovation to substantiate our department firmly among Pakistan’s leading Economics Departments and Schools.

Dr. Muhammad Ilyas