Important Note:

“Grading Table mentioned in BS, MS and PhD rules is implemented from the session 2020.”

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01 Rules & Regulations for BS Programme
02 Rules & Regulations for MS Programme
03 Rules & Regulations for PhD Programme
The Convocation shall be held on regular basis for conferring the Degree on persons who shall have under prescribed conditions pursued 2 years Bachelor (Associate Degree) 4 years Bachelor, 2 years Master MS and PhD course of study and passed examination of Government College Women University, Sialkot.

1.1. The Chancellor

Per section 8 (1) & (2) of Government College Women University Sialkot ACT 2012 (VII of 2013), The Chancellor or a nominee of the Chancellor shall preside at the convocation of the University.

1.2. Notification of Convocation

  1. The date of Convocation shall be fixed by the Chancellor on the recommendations of the Vice-Chancellor. As soon as the date of Convocation is fixed, the Controller shall notify all graduates eligible to receive their Degrees at the Convocation through letters posted to the candidates. The date of convocation be also publicized through press or university website/ social media.
  2. Such candidates should be required to submit Rs. 3000/- each as convocation registration fee and same is considered as Degree Fee.
  3. The Registrar shall inform all the members of the Syndicate, the Academic Council and the Faculties by means of circular giving the time, date and venue of the Convocation.
  4. Graduates receiving degrees at the Convocation shall wear the Academic costume approved by the university to which they are entitled.
  5. Roll of Honour will be awarded to the Graduates obtaining CGPA 3.700 or more.
  6. No graduate shall be admitted to Convocation unless she is in the proper Academic costume.

1.3. Procedure of the Convocation

The procedure of the Convocation shall be as follows:

  1. The teaching faculty of the University and the graduates shall assemble in the Convocation hall half an hour before the time of the commencement of Convocation.
  2. Procession
    1. The convocation procession will be formed in two rows and enter the auditorium in the following order:
      1. Registrar
      2. Two Students left/right side following Registrar with flags.
      3. Faculty members in ascending order of Seniority
      4. Deans of all Faculties
      5. Controller of Examinations
      6. The Vice-Chancellor
      7. Chairman HEC
      8. The Pro-Chancellor
      9. The Chancellor
  1. The candidate shall apply for the change/correction in name in her personal file available in concerned Department along with all the documents prior to apply for Revised/ Duplicate Degree.
  2. The Controller of Examinations, after the verification of the documents and data provided by the candidate, shall forward the application to the Vice-Chancellor for approval.
  3. After the approval by the Vice-Chancellor, the Controller of Examinations will issue notification shall proceed for Revised/ Duplicate Degree, accordingly.
  4. After the approval of Vice Chancellor, the Registrar will issue notification regarding all matters of registration, if needed to be revised or desired by candidate after fulfillment of the codal formalities.
  5. Information regarding change of the candidate’s Name/ Father’s Name or any other Change/ correction will be mentioned on the Degree.
  6. The word Revised or Duplicate shall be at the top of the Revised and Duplicate Degree respectively.
  7. The Controller of Examinations shall issue the Duplicate / Revised Degree to the candidate after verification from the original CNIC and Signatures on the prescribed register for receiving degrees.
  8. Nobody other than concerned candidate can apply for the Duplicate / Revised Degree on behalf of the candidate.
  9. In case of damage/ change/ correction in name in Original Degree, the Controller of Examinations shall stamp “CANCELLED” on the original Degree prior to the issuance of Duplicate / Revised Degree in the presence of the Signatories and by observing all codal formalities.
  10. In either case, the Registrar shall notify the cancellation of Degree, prior to the issuance of Duplicate and Revised Degree.
  11. In each case, The Registrar Office/ Controller of Examinations shall inform HEC accordingly.
  12. Prescribed Fee for Duplicate and Revised Degree will be the same as that was fixed at the time of Convocation.
  13. Fee for Duplicate and Revised Degree will be Rs. 3000/-