Department of Sociology launched a women Safety Campaign with the name of TAHAFFUZ.

  1. Maliha Husain Executive Director at Mehergarh: A Center for Learning – Helps organizations comply with anti-sexual harassment law was the key speaker at the event. Firstly she spoke about harassment to students. Next sexual harassment issue is hardly spoken in common places. “Actually, sexual harassment is quite common in public and workplaces. Sexual harassment is when one stare, speaks unwanted words or touches and this should not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of both males and females to discourage sexual harassment. She said also about Gender harassment, or gender-based harassment occurs when a person harasses another based on their gender or gender identity. The harassment does not need to be based on anything of a sexual nature. Instead, gender harassment usually involves stereotypes based on the roles and functions associated with a particular gender.

She shared the background of the legislation on Harassment of Women at the Workplace and stated that by way of the legislation and amendments in the laws, sexual harassment at workplace and public place is punishable by law.

The speaker suggests that Apart from the law and a formidable process to fight the system that is now in place, the act of fighting harassment also requires a personal battle. “If someone harasses us we have to stop him/her at that moment. Do not let the fear of “badnaami” to stop you from taking an action.”

Overall it was a healthy and informative session for all. MS Ayesha Usman Head of Sociology Department thanked MS.Maliha Husain for her precious time.