Walk on “Violence against Women”

Being a women in Pakistan is quite a challenging and exhausting job. You are neither safe in public nor at your home. Harassment, domestic violence and honour killing are common ways in which women’s rights are violated. Several risk factors that exacerbate the use of violence against women include poverty, unemployment, drug use and alcoholism. However the root cause of violence against women is a power imbalance in gender relations. According to the 2017-2018 Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey, 28 percent of women aged 15 to 49 had experienced intimate partner violence in their lifetimes. Women in our country are not aware of their rights and when they are abused physically or sexually at their homes or outside they prefer to keep the matter low out of fear and not being aware that they have been violated of their rights. To make an effort of our own Ma’am Rabia from the Political Science department organized a walk to spread awareness regarding violence against women. The main reason to highlight this issue was to make our students aware of their rights and to give a view that violence against women at any level is not acceptable in our society neither in our religion Islam.