Using NVivo for Data Analysis and Writing Literature Review

Dr. Yaar Muhammad is a skilled resource person with extensive experience in educational leadership, management, curriculum design, and research. He has successfully organized scores of seminars, workshops, symposiums, and training sessions on various educational disciplines in top-ranked universities of Pakistan. He unfolds certain aspects of a topic uniquely and develops a comprehensive understanding of the participants on a specific topic with greater detail and precision. Keeping this tradition in practice, he conducted an elaborate training session on Qualitative Data Analysis with the help of  NVivo Software. The workshop was conducted by the Department of Islamic Thought and Civilization for the scholars pursuing their degrees in M.Phil. and Ph.D. This workshop was a milestone in the field of qualitative data analysis and interpretation by using NVivo software. This workshop was designed to provide a step-by-step guide for qualitative researchers who want to know how to apply the most appropriate data analysis, interpretation, and reporting strategies.

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