Two day workshop on Contemporary Research Methodology in Social Science

Department of Political Science has arranged two days’ workshop for the students of BS Political Science 7th Semester, and MS Political Science 1st and 3rd Semester to enhance the knowledge and capability of students of department of Political Science for future research and clear their confusion towards Research areas.

Various Resource persons have been called from different university of Pakistan to share their views over research’s various areas, share their personal experience during their Master’s, M.Phil. And Doctoral research. Each session contain worthy information of different research areas. The resource persons help students who are going to conduct research or conducting their research i.e MS 3rd semester. Resource persons tried their best to solve the queries of students regarding research.

Whole work shop was divided into four sessions and four presenter and consist of three and half hour average. Dr. Muhammad Ilays Director Research GC Women University took first session of workshop and talked on the topic ‘ How to select a research topic and turn it into hypotheses’ students learn many techniques from his lecture and share feedback to him. In question answer session Dr. Muhammad Ilayas solve the main issues of student regarding topic selection and uses effective examples to make process easy.
Second session of day one consist on 3.5 hours as well and the resource person of session Dr Saqlain Raza came from Dept. of statistics COMSATS Islamabad, his topic of discussion was ‘Focusing on survey methods and Analysis’ he share with students regarding quantitative research and how to use excel in effective manners. This area of research is very helpful for those students who are using surveys and numerical research. In question answer session Dr. Saqlain Raza solve the main issues of student regarding excel usage and formulas. After the complete procedure Soviniour has been presented to resource person and a group photo with the students and resource person has been taken. With this photo first day of workshop ended and students learn very different techniques of researcher and Fresh Research scholar consider this day as blessing for their minds.

In Second day of workshop another remarkable Professor from GC University Lahore came to share his techniques with Students. Dr. Irfan Usmani shared his briefing on the topic ‘ Literature Review and its utilization’ this topic is consider as the main vein of research, if a researcher do good literature review then further process will be more convenient. He also shared his experience while he was making his doctoral thesis’ literature review and he brighten the effectiveness of reading as well as he shared with students how to read literature and how much time have to spend on it. He mentioned difference between argument and written thesis clearly In question answer session Dr. Irfan Usmanu solve the main issues of student regarding books reading, argument building. After the completion Souvenir has been presented to the resource person.
The 4th and last session resource person was Dr. Humaira Dar, Head of Dept. of Political science, GC Women University Sialkot. She present topic of ‘Research Design and how to use reference software’ she ensure student to use software’s instead of doing manual work, because there are more chances to lost data or forget data at the end of research which can create panic at the mean time. She presented the usage of ZOTERO software and student do practice over their laptops during session. In question answer session Dr. Humaira Dar solve the main grievance of student regarding plagiarism connection with ZOTERO, she cleared the misconception very effectively.
After four sessions concluding session has been arranged in which Vice Chancellor of GC Women University Dr. Hafiz Khalil Ahmad were invited, Students share their feedback in this session as well as Vice Chancellor of GC Women University Dr. Hafiz Khalil Ahmad share his opinion regarding research and importance of research in daily life, He said we are directly or indirectly using different person’s research. He also mention research is not very easy task but research is necessary for all human being in various ways. He congratulated to the Department of Political Science on arranging this successful workshop.

In later part of concluding session Souvenir has been given to Dr. Muhammad Ilayas for delivering a worthwhile lecture to students at first day of workshop in first session, Dr Humaira Dar on her Presentation and in later part presented to the Focal Person of workshop Dr. Zahid Yasin and Coordinator of Workshop Dr. Mian Muhammad Muzaffar. Department of Political Science thanks Vice Chancellor for his precious time and brief lecture on Research Methodology and presented him Souvenir at the last.
All participants of workshop awarded with Participation certificates from Head of Department Dr. Humaira Dar and Vice Chancellor of GC Women University Dr. Hafiz Khalil Ahmad.

At the end a group photo of Vice Chancellor of GC Women University Dr. Hafiz Khalil Ahmad, Resource persons, faculty and students have been taken.