A trip was arranged by the Department of Botany on 25th May, 2017 to Eminabad campus of GCWUS. Faculty and students of BS 8th semester of the department participated in the trip. Dr. Zahid Ali Butt led the trip. The Worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Farhat Saleemi also visited the site for a short while and encouraged the participants. An engineer from university also accompanied the visitors in order to provide information about the area of campus.


Objectives of the field trip:

  1. Explore the diversity of vegetation of the area
  2. Broaden the knowledge of students through the introduction to vegetation of the campus
  3. Provide training to students for collection and identification of plants belonging to different plant families
  4. Explore the possibility to do field research
  5. To help students understand importance of field visits in study of plant science.


The participants reached at the site at 10:30am and observed vegetation for three hours. The plant specimens were collected for herbarium under guidance of faculty members. The faculty members shared their precious knowledge with students. At the end, the participants were served with refreshment. The students thanked the university administration for providing this opportunity to complement their studies with research activities.