Name               Dr. Sajjad Hyder

Designation      Assistant Professor


Name Ms. Wajiha Sarfraz

Designation      Lecturer

Event Description

The department of Botany – GCWUS understands the market needs and ongoing challenges faced by our young students and researchers. Data presentation in Plant sciences has entered a new horizon and many online tools are there which make data presentation and visualization very effective and easy to understand. Well-reputed, international peer-reviewed Journals consider research articles for publications if the data is presented in an easy-to-understand way. Many data scientists across the world use various tools to analyze data to produce good-quality data visualizations.

To prepare the women force to face the emerging challenges in data sciences, the department of Botany organized Three days Hands on Training on “Application of Plant Data in R Language” on 11 – 13 October 2022. The training session was attended by more than 40 participants including faculty members, Ph.D. scholars, and MS students from Botany Department – GCWUS.

  • The program started with the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Quran followed by Naat to appraise the Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH.
  • Sajjad Hyder; the organizer / focal person of this training program welcomed the participants and shared the details of the training program. He highlighted the importance of this training and motivated the participants to show maximum involvement and participation in the training session. He further welcomed the trainer (Dr. Hafiza Mamona Nazir; In-charge; Statistics Department-GCWUS) and introduced herself to the participants. He further requested Dr. Mamona to start the session.
  • In three days, hands-on training sessions, Dr. Hafiza Mamona Nazir effectively explained Simple Statistics with respect to Plant Sciences in R Program (Graphics Bar, multiple bars, pie, lines, box plot, qqplot, Descriptive statistics, Mean, Median, Mode, quartile, decile, percentile, standard deviation, standard error, Correlation matrix Hypothesis (t, z, chi, f) test; Experimental Designs in Plant Sciences (Normality test, homogeneity test, ANOVA (CRD, RCBD, LSD, GLSD), ANCOVA, Linear regression model) and Advance Statistics in Plant Sciences including Cluster analysis, K-means, hierarchical, Principal component analysis, Factor analysis, and Logistic regression. Dr. Mamona Nazir addressed all the queries and questions from the participants and explained everything quite well.
  • On 3rd day after the session, Dr. Sajjad Hyder concluded the session and asked the faculty members, Ph.D. and MS students for their comments and feedback. All the participants appraised the training event and requested to continue organizing such events in future. Dr. Sajjad Hyder emphasized developing inter-departmental cooperation and collaboration to boost research and other developmental activities. He further communicated that progress in research is not possible without strong collaboration.
  • The certificate distribution ceremony was graced by our Guest of Honor; Dr. Zarrin Fatima Rizvi (In-charge Department of Botany – GCWUS; Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences). She managed to come despite her bad health condition and distributed the certificates among the organizers, trainer, and successful participants including faculty members, Ph.D. scholars, and MS students.
  • Wajiha Sarfraz, as a co-organizer played a great role in managing various activities during the training and on the 3rd day after the session, organized a good lunch for the trainer as a kind gesture.

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