Study Tour (Political Science) to Public Libraries and Expo book Fair

Date & Time: 08:00 to 08:00

Total Duration: 12 hrs

Venue: Lahore

Organized by Department: Department of political SCIENCE

Event Details:

Department of Political Science has arranged a study tour for Students of MS and BS 8th semester Political Science Department. The basic purpose of the tour was to give students knowhow about using libraries for research purpose. Two public libraries were the main concern of the tour. Students leave the university at 8:00 a.m. and after reaching Lahore student visit Baagh-e-Jinnah due to Jumma Prayers time at Library. After Jumma prayer students enter the library the chief librarian show cooperation and ask library staff to show all sections to the student. The concerned person tells students about each and every section and briefly told students how they could use this library books and the procedures to get membership of the library. The Librarian ask students this library is research library so no book can be issued but the facility of the photocopy is available in the premises of the library.

After getting all information from the Quaid-e-Azam library the 2nd place to visit was Govt. Punjab Public Library here the chief librarian told the history of library how the building built and the mainly it was the gift from the emperor to his Wazir, but after a Mughal period it transformed into the library, The Punjab Public library is one of biggest Library in Asia. It has various sections and to make it more developmental departments are in process. The procedure of membership has been shared it also make clear students after getting the membership can issue books and library offer lifetime membership in Rupee 5000 as well as an issue 10 books at a time.

The newspaper section was very vast, the librarian told that here a student can get all newspapers since independence but due to the rare newspaper they are under more observation and show to the special delegates. The Quran from the period of Hazrat Usman RA is also available in the library but due to excessive time, the section was closed.

After visiting both libraries students left for Expo where International book fair was in process, for students research they can buy the books for research as well as new initiative for the Department Of Political Science the head of the department bought books of rupee 20,000 to initiate library inside the department to facilitate the students by using books inside the university. And the expo book fair was the last place to visit so after visiting all places students with faculty leave for Sialkot.

After coming back a report of 10 marks have been assign to students on the tour what they learn and how can they peruse these research libraries in future research work.