Series of workshops for mental health awareness for World mental Health Day-2021

Event time:  10:30am -12:00 pm
Video Conferencing Room, GCWUS and online at Zoom

Cheif Guest:   Professor Dr. Rukhsana Kausar (Vice Chancellor, GCWUS)
Organizer:  Ms. Salbia Abbas (Incharge, Social Work Society, Department of Psychology, GCWUS.)
Director Student Affairs: Dr. Shagufta Firdous

 In collaboration with:

  1. Dr. Umara Rauf  –  Incharge, Department of Psychology.
  2. Ms. Ayesha Asghar  –  Clinical Psychologist at Psychosocial well being center, GCWUS.

Technical Support Team:

  1. CSO
  2. Mr. Adnan Ashraf  – ITSC
  3. Management Team GCWUS
  4. Ms. Ayesha Arshad

Social Work Society Students:

  1. Aima Ghafoor (President)
  2. Sana Ashraf (Secretary)
  3. Laiba Jabeen (Executive Member)
  4. Adina Ashraf (Executive Member)
  5.  Target population:  Students

Four days plan:

Day 1: Anger Management

Resource Person: Ms.Maryam Arifeen ( Clinical Psychologist / Faculty, Department of Psychology, GCWUS)

Day 2: Stress Management

Resource Person: Ms. Ayesha Asghar (Clinical Psychologist, Psychosocial Well-being center, GCWUS).

Day 3: Assertiveness Training

Resource Person:  Dr. Umara Rauf (Clinical Psychologist/Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, GCWUS).

Day 4: Positive Psychotherapy

Resource Person: Dr. Razia Anjum (Clinical Psychologist / Lecturer, Department of Psychology, GCWUS).

Brief description:

4 days series of workshops were successfully organized by incharge of Social Work Society, DSA in collaboration with Department of Psychology and Psychosocial well being center, GCWUS. Numerous honorees especially, faculty members, registrar and Director QEC GCWUS, glorified the events with their dignified presence. Welcome Note was presented by the event moderator Ms.Salbia Abbas. Series of workshops were started with the recitation Of Holy Quran and  Naat-e- Rasool (SAW), recited by Adeena Afzal (Student BS7th, SSDP, Psychology) and Maryam Fiaz (Student BS 5th SSDP Psychology). An immense number of students and Aluminas of GCWUS have participated in the series of workshops. All resource persons have conducted informative workshops which were highly beneficial for all the participants. On 8th oct, souviners and certificates were presented to all resource persons, organizers, and participants of the workshops by chief guest worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kausar.