Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Date & Time: 01-03-2018

Total Duration: 1 & half hour

Venue: (Video Conference Room) GCWUS


Sir Ali Tariq Lecturer International Islamic University Islamabad, Dept. Hadith Faculty of Usuluddin (Islamic Studies) IIUI, Specialized in Hadith, Organized more than 16 International and 15 National Conferences

Audience/Participants: MS Scholar Batch II, Batch III

Purpose: Main Focus was laid on latest trends in hadith literature, a chain of transmitters, preservation, authenticity, and sophistication of hadith. the session was beneficial for MS scholar for their scholastic work in hadith literature.

Event Details:

The seminar was conducted by Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies to enhance the knowledge of MS scholars in the field of hadith research and the latest trends in it.  As Hadith is one of the primary source of research in Islamic field and it is mandatory for the scholar of the modern age to be well equipped with its new trends. Sir Ali Tariq is Lecturer and specialized in Hadith area so he highlighted the significance of modern trends in research. He quoted the methodologies through which its preservation was being done in Islamic history. For this, he highlighted the way of preservation of Hadith by Hazrat Ayesha (RA) in detail.

Organizing Team:

Dr. Sayeda Sadia(Team Lead)

Assistant Professor


Designation_Associate Prof.


Assistant Professor

Ms. Nayab Ruby