Research Collaboration with Baku State University, Aazerbaijan.

An online meeting was organized by Department of Chemistry, GCWUS. The meeting intended to look for possible opportunities of research collaboration between Chemistry Department of GCWUS & Baku State University, Aazerbaijan. Faculty members of Chemistry Departments of both sides attended the online meeting. Dr. Tayyaba Shahzadi welcomed the attendees of both sides and greeted the faculty of Baku State University and moderated the online meeting. The meeting started with the brief introduction of Baku State University, Aazerbaijan & greetings by the Dean of Faculty of Chemistry, Prof. Abdulsayidazizov. This was followed by the presentation about introduction and research expertise of faculty members of Department of Chemistry GCWUS by Dr. H. M. Abd Ur Rahman. Later in the session, Prof. Ulviyye Hasanova, the professor of Chemistry at Baku State University presented the research interests and expertise of faculty of Chemistry at Baku State University. Afterwards, faculty members of both universities pointed out and discussed the research areas of mutual interests and desired to seek for various opportunities of collaboration like:

  1. Organization of joint webinars, workshops and conferences
  2. Joint applications for funded research projects
  3. Collaboration for sharing resources/knowledge
  4. Joint/co supervision of research students
  5. Collaborative research at the faculty level

At the end, incharge department of Chemistry, Dr. Tayyaba Shahzadi, thanked the faulty
members of Baku State University, Aazerbaijan.