Research Areas in the field of Statistics



Gaussian Statistical Society of Statistics Department

Date :      13-04-2017
Time:    10:00-1:00        
Total Duration
:       3 hrs          
           IT Lab GCWUS
Event Type:       Workshop

Participants:            BS Students (2nd, 4th semester) of Statistics

One-Liner Description Statement:

The aim of the session is to provide students a broad understanding of  types of research so that they will be able to apply fundamental principles of research and know how to apply statistical tests to analyze the data. The workshop was a mixture of lectures and questions and answers session.

Event Details:

The programme of the workshop is as under:

  • Minahil Imran Bs Statistics 2nd semester has started the session by welcoming the honorable Chief guest Ms. Raheela Sohail HOD Mathematics Department, the respected Guest speaker Ms. Iqra Maqsood, faculty members and students to the one day workshop on “Research Areas in the field of Statistics”.
  • Ruqaya Farooq from Bs Statistics (4th semester) recite some verses of the Holy Quran.
  • Namra from Bs Statistics (2nd semester)  recite naat.
  • Mahwish Rabia (Convener of Statistical Society) introduce the guest Speaker of the workshop.
  • Guest Speaker “Ms. Iqra Maqsood” give presentation on Types of research and discussed the following topics
  1. Applied Research
  2. Pure Research
  3. Descriptive Research
  4. Exploratory research
  5. Explanatory research
  6. Correlational Research
  7. Qualitative Research
  8. Quantitative Research
  • Miss Naima Mubarak give presentation on “Statistical Tests for Data”. She explains that in applied research which statistical tests are suitable for the analysis of data.
  • Miss Mahwish Rabia deliver a lecture on “Steps of Report Writing and P-Value”.
  • At the end of workshop, Certificates of Participation were awarded to the Chief Guest, Guest Speaker, faculty members and Students.