Quaid e Azam Day

DATE & TIME:  11:00 TO 01:00

 Event Details:

Department Of Political Science With The Help Of Fine Arts Department Celebrated Quaid-E-Azam Day. The Guests Of The Functions Was Mrs. Azra Sabtain ((Former Registrar And Head Of Department Of Political Science) And Mr. Ahmad Raza Cheema (DIRECTOR RADIO PAKISTAN FM 101). The Both Guests Were Basically Judges Of The Speech Competition.

The Program has started at 11:00 a.m. Students and the faculty of Department of Political Science warmly welcome the guests.


The stage secretary started the program with the recitation of Holy Quran and Na’at-e-Rasool (SAW), National Anthem has been played. In the later part, the first competition has been started which has been judged by Mrs. Azra Sabtain, Mr. Ilayas (Director Research of GC women University Sialkot) and Ms. Saira Bano from Fine Arts departments. Student of Fine Arts “Azeen” won this competition.

The second competition has been announced after the ending of first competition and this competition was judged by Mrs. Azra Sabtain, Mr. Ahmad Raza Cheema and Dr. Adeel (Head of Department of Environmental Sciences). Total 11 students participated in this competition. The Student of Chemistry department “Rayiha Maryam” won the competition.


After competition two students of Department of Political Science sang Mili Nagmas to show their love towards Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

In the later part, Aneeqa Komal Student of BS Political Science has shared her thoughts about Quaid-e-Azam along with the messages and quotation of Jinnah.

Last competition was Quiz Competition 10 teams from different departments has participated in this competition. The quiz competition has consisted of three rounds. Those were the early life of Jinnah, Jinnah, and Politics and the last round was Jinnah as governor-general of Pakistan. The competition was very tough but all teams played well. In the second round, there was a tie but the most interesting part of the competition was last round. After getting many ties team of Department of Physics won the competition.

After competitions, the guest of the program Mr. Ahmad Raza Cheema presents his thoughts and congratulate Department for this successful event and ask students to be activated upon the advice of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Dr. Haris Rasheed (Dean of Natural sciences) also shared his precious thoughts and tell students to work hard and always make sure any rationale when you are doing anything or going to take decisions of life. As per Jinnah’s way of life because he never feels sorry for any decision of his life. And congratulate winners of the program as well as HOD and Staff of the Department of Political Science.


Furthermore, Results were announced and Mrs. Azra Sabtain awarded winner with certificates and congratulate Department for arranging such activities and appreciate the efforts by spreading information among Students of GC. Women University Sialkot. She also ensures the continuity of this kind of extracurricular activities in the university. She advises students to participate in such competition to make strong their strength vis-à-vis improve their confidence. She advises students of Political science to break walls against enemies with the strong aptitude to avoid the inner enemies of Pakistan and participate in the day to day matter with courage this will give them patience in life.

At the End of the ceremony, the Stage secretary closes the ceremony on 12:30 by thanking all the guests, faculty members, and the audience.