Pakistan Day

The Pakistan Resolution Day Event organized by Political Science Department, Fabian Society and the DSA (Director of Students Affairs) on 22nd March, 2022. Using this opportunity we were able to encourage our youth to work hard for our homeland in respect of the struggles our leaders went through to get this country. Pakistan Day is a public holiday in Pakistan to remember the Lahore Resolution on March 23 each year. The word “Pakistan” was never used but the Lahore Resolution is considered a major milestone in the Muslim struggle for an independent state in undivided India. Political Science Department Celebrated Pakistan day with full zell and zest. Students, teachers and management from different departments were invited to attend the event. Students, teachers and management actively participated in the event. Students were high in spirits throughout the event and showed their utmost love for their country and respect for the great leaders. The celebration of Pakistan Resolution day was a befitting tribute to our forefathers of the nation as well as an occasion which imbued the students with a renewed spirit of love, devotion and service to the nation. At the end it was a successful were organized event.