Kashmir Day And Young Generation of Pakistan

Date & Time: 12:00 to 01:00

Total Duration: 1 hrs

Venue: Radio Pakistan FM 101 Sialkot

Organized by Department: Department of political SCIENCE

Event Details:

Department of Political Science has arranged a discussion over Kashmir at the forum of Radio Pakistan FM 101 Sialkot. This time department of political science too an initiative to introduce young generation’s views over the Kashmir. So the program Kashmir and the young generation aired at 12:00 hrs. Noon in which Head of the Department of Political Science along with four students of different semesters go live on Radio and Dr. Humaira was hosting the discussion as the main resource person.

Students talk about Historical perspective, regional perspective and current affairs in Kashmir. In the discussion, Aneeqa Komal from 4th semester tell about the historical view and the stance of Pakistan on the behavior of India and the wars fought between India and Pakistan over Kashmir and united nation always kept silent on the issue of resolving.

Zaira Waris from 8th Semester talk about the regional perspective of Kashmir and told the audience how important Kashmir is for the sovereignty of two main nuclear powers of South Asia.

Dr. Humaira Dar shares her views and tells the new generation about the main issue and the behavior of word. She said the Kashmir is becoming a reason for major conflict in South-Asia which should be resolved to bring peace and prosperity in the region and diplomatic relation between India and Pakistan. Both states spend a major part of the budget over the fight on LoC which can be curtailed by solving this matter by negotiation. Many peaceful negotiations happened in past but spoil with very next event. So new series can resolve the complexities of India and Pakistan.

Fajar Maqsood from the 6th semester shares a poem over Kashmir in which she describes the pain of Kashmiris. The last part of the discussion was current affairs in Kashmir shared by Ayesha Bano from the 4th semester in which she recalls the martyrs in Kashmir on daily basis and the cruelties of Hindu Army in Kashmir. She talks about the causalities and disables Kashmiris by using pellet guns in Kashmir which is killing young generation in Kashmir.

At the end of program Station Director, Mr. Ahmad Raza Cheema asks questions from the young scholars and ask Dr. Humaira Dar to wind up the program by her words which can boost up the Morales of Kashmiris and Pakistanis to combat with this unresolved issue from many decades. So with the hope of new dawn program was ended on 1:00 hrs.by thanking Vice-chancellor of GC Women University Sialkot for allowing such enlightening activity and giving chance to the new generations to open up their views in front of the nation.