Inter-Departmental Volleyball Match

A Friendly match Regarding Independence day celebrations had been played between team of Natural and Social Science. The match has won by the team of natural sciences Event start at 9:30 with recitation of Quran Pak and Naat-e-Maqbool. The volleyball match will start at 10:am. Respected Register Miss Atia Almas of the university and Dean of Natural Sciences( Dr. Zari Fatima Risvi), Dean of Social Sciences (Dr. Muhammad Afzal butt) and Dean of Management and business administration ( Dr. Muhammad Alyas). Director of Student Affair (Dr.Shagufta firdous) in collaboration with Director Sports( Miss Atia Altaf) and Sports society of GC women university Sialkot.

Participation teams:
• Natural Sciences Team .
• Social sciences Team.
• Business Administration Team.
• Arts and Managemental sciences.