Health Profiling of Students

With reference to the letter of Higher Education Department (HED) regarding health profiling of students and in compliance with High Court orders regarding mandatory health profiling, Vice Chancellor, GC Women University (Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kausar) formulated a committee and appointed Dr. Umara Rauf (Incharge Department of Psychology) as focal person. Dr. Umara, prepared an action plan and after discussing it with Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kausar, she started working on it. A medical team from District Health Authority was appointed in GC Women University, Sialkot by university upon request of focal person. Ms. Salma Khurshid Joined Dr Umara as co-opt member to work together in this task. This team worked together and completed health profiling of almost seven thousand (7000) students of different disciplines and different programs at GC Women University. This health profiling was comprised of two major parts. First part was related to medical profiling of students for which was done by medical team of under supervision of Ms Salma. And other major part was related to mental health profiling of students and this was done by qualified clinical psychologists and skilled faculty of Department of Psychology. This health profiling was started from 26th March, 2020 and continued till 13th March, 2020. With united and studious efforts of both medical team and mental health team this task was completed.

Counseling Services

This mental health profiling played an important role in creating an awareness related to mental health among students (representation of youth) and many students approached qualified persons of mental health team for counseling services. Most of the problems for which students were stress, emotional problems, anxiety, hopelessness, aggression, communication problems and relationship problems.  Hence, many students have approached for counseling services for their problem and qualified team provided them with possible counselling services.