Hands-on Workshop on Biosafety Practices in Laboratory

Organized by: Zoological Society, GCWUS

Collaborators: National Academy of Young Scientist (NAYS) Lahore & ORIC, GCWUS

Event Coordinator: Ms. Shafaq Shakeel (Lecturer, Dept. of Zoology)

Event Supervision: Dr. Asma Waheed (Associate Prof. /HOD, Dept. of Zoology)

The objective of the workshop was to provide hands-on training on biosafety and biosecurity procedures, Use of personal protective equipment and standard microbiological practices to the students of Dept. of Zoology. The program was formally started with recitation of Holy Quran followed by Naat.e.Rasool Maqbool .Dr. Asma Waheed HOD/ Chairperson Dept. of Zoology welcomed all the participants, along with opening remarks of the ceremony. The session was conducted by Dr. Aftab Ahmed, President National Academy of Young Scientist (NAYS). He delivered a very comprehensive lecture on hazards, biosecurity, and biosafety along its different levels. There was also the hands-on-training session where the participants learned about the safety issues, equipment, and functionality, as well as good laboratory practices.

In the closing ceremony Guest of Honor, Dr. Haris Rashid, Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences, GCWUS appreciated the overall efforts of Zoological Society to organize this workshop and also highlighted the importance of biosafety and biosecurity practices in laboratories. He then distributed the certificates among the organizers and participants.At the end Dr. Asma Waheed thanked the event coordinator, Ms. Shafaq Shakeel, organizing committee of Zoological Society, NAYS & ORIC for taking the initiative to promote biosafety and biosecurity. She especially thanked Prof. Dr. Farhat Saleemi, Vice Chancellor, GC Women University Sialkot for supporting this kind of activity, without her cooperation such kind of productive activities are not possible.