Eid Gift Distribution Project


Event Report of Eid Gift Distribution Project  Arranged by the Department of Psychology, GCWUS

In Holy Month of Ramadan, Department of Psychology completed Eid- Gift Distribution project in which Eid Gifts were distributed among Physical Handicapped, Mentally uneven and to needy community in gesture of care and affection on the occasion of Eidul-Fitar . Faculty and students from department of Psychology GCWUS visited different welfare departments including SOS Village Sialkot ( Distributed the Gifts among Orphan Child), Dar-ul-Shafqat Sialkot ( Distributed the Gifts among Orphan Child), Adult Literacy Department( Distributed the Gifts among poor needy Females), Safia Foundation ( Distributed the Gifts among Physically Handicapped)and Punjab Institute of Mental Health Lahore ( Distributed the Gifts among all female patients). It was huge project that completed on 22nd June 2017.

The management of targeted Welfare Departments appreciated the distinct initiative of Government College Women University, Sialkot.

On 11th Ramadan (7th June 2017) Faculty members with 53 students set off for this noble activity and visited three institute. First visited place was Daru-ul-Shafqat (Orphanage).

Organizer briefed about the institute and facilities provided over there.  Students Distributed the Eid-gifts among orphan child.

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Afterwards Adult Literacy Department visited by students and faculty members and distributed Eid gifts among deserving females.

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The last visited place on 11th Ramadan (7th June 2017) was the SOS village for children. The spoke person of SOS children village explained how things are operated in that organization. Rich infra structure of organization was observed. They had family unit system for the orphans in which ten children were allotted a house and each house had a care taker whose responsibility was to take care of every need of the children of the house. Students hand over the Eid Gifts and cash to management and left SOS village to move back to university.

On 19th Ramadan (15th June 2017), Safia Foundation an institute of physical handicapped was visited and distributed the ration pack over there.

On 26th Ramadan (22nd June 2017) eighty four students with six faculty members visited the Punjab Institute of Mental Health, Lahore and distribute the Eid Gifts among all female patients of PIMH. Management of PIMH highly appreciates the initiative of GCWUS. They reported different educational institute frequently visited PIMH throughout the year and showed concern for patients too but they ever forget these patients near the Eid festivals. Further they said that all segments of the society should follow GCWUS in this regard.

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