Ethics in Social science Research

Department of sociology organized a one day session on “Ethics in Social Science Research”. It was an honor for Sociology department to have Dr Adeela Rehman from Fatimah Jinnah University Rawalpindi to conduct this session.
Introduction of Guest:
Dr Adeela Rehman is currently serving as Assistant professor and in charge of Department of Sociology at Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi. She is Double Ph.d from International Islamic University Malaysia. In addition to this she has post graduate diploma in youth and development work. Having research publications and countless training experience in various topics, she, undoubtedly is an asset of social sciences in Pakistan.
Session topic: “Ethics in social Science research”
Dr Adeela started the session with explanation of topic saying that Research is scientific method to investigate into new phenomenon or finding solution to the existing problems. Research has intrinsic value as a source of new and better insights, and it is useful to society in various capacities. The purpose of research ethics is to promote free, reliable, and responsible research. Research ethics contributes to fostering good scientific practice. Ethics in social science research are the core values which researcher follow during the course of his research investigation.
Research should be responsibly organized and practiced, and research ethics is a tool for this purpose. Researchers and research institutions are both responsible for ensuring compliance with research ethics, and other research actors too ought to behave in accordance with ethical norms and guidelines.

  • Research should aim to maximize benefit for individual and society and minimize risks and harm
  • The rights and dignity of individual and groups should be respected
  • Wherever possible, participation should be voluntary and appropriately informed
  • Lines of responsibility and accountability should be clearly defined
  • Consent should be taken

Dr Umair Ashraf in charge department of sociology GCWUS also added that ethics should be kept in mind while conducting social research.