Environment Protection Day

Date: 05-04- 2017
Venue: Auditorium Hall GCWUS
Organized by: Istakshaaf Chemical Society Department of Chemistry
Event Title:  “Environment Protection Day”
Date & Time: 05-04- 2017, 10.00 am—01.00pm
Total Duration: 3 Hours

 Awareness about environment protection and Exhibition of recycled items

Participants:    Students of Chemistry Department
Judges: Mis Nuzhat Munir (Chem dpt) , Mis Khadija (Botany dpt), Mis Zahida (Phy dpt), Dr.Adnan (phy dpt), Dr. Babar (Phy dpt)
Audience: Faculty members from Chemistry and other Departments, students of BS, M.Sc. M.Phil./MS from all departments.

Event Details:

 Event was inaugurated by Mis Nuzhat Munir along with other respected jury members Mis Khadija (Botany dpt), Mis Zahida (Phy dpt), Dr. Adnan (phy dpt), Dr. Babar (Phy-dpt) at 11.00 Clock in front of auditorium hall.

 Students has displayed their projects, charts, models and recycled items related to environment protection in the university ground.

 Charts were displayed on notice boards and walls to elaborate the purpose of event.

 Students had utilized waste plastic bottles, jute, rope, straws news-papers, glass bottles, old clothes, cartons and used polystyrene cups to generate decoration pieces, wall hangings, bags and many more things on low cost no cost concept to protect the environment.

 Students presented models to generate electricity from solar energy, recycling of waste water and paper for its reuse.

 Jury went to each group and evaluated the groups on the basis of awareness of environment pollution, ways of protecting environment and recycling of waste materials.

 After this evaluation, program was started at auditorium with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran. Arooj from 4 th semester got this honour.

 Zoya from 8 th semester presented Naat e Rasool (S.A.W.W.) in her beautiful voice.

 A skit was performed by 2 nd semester on the comparison of environmental conditions on earth in 1970 and 2017.

 Second performance was from 4 th semester regarding the deforestation and its adverse effects. It was a silent performance enhanced by music and gestures.

 Then a silence theatrical performance with background effects was given by 6 th semester on protection of ground water.

 Two presentations were given by students; Khazima presented the topic 3R’s and Amal elaborated the pollution causes and impacts.

 At the end Mis Nuzhat Munir encouraged the participants and thanked the jury and audience for their precious time.

 Result was announced and certificates and cash prizes were given to 3 winners by MissKhadija and mis Nuzhat.

 Encouragement certificates were given to Istakshaaf members as well.

 Program ended with message to reduce, re-use and recycle the natural and synthetic materials to protect our home place.