Departmental Achievement of Environmental Science

Achievement of Environmental Science Department

Department of Environmental Science participated in the District competition entitled
” Go green Keep the district Sialkot clean ” organized by District council Sialkot. The main theme of this activity was to create awareness among the public and to collect innovative ideas.

Students of departmental sciences (6th Semester, 4th Semester) participated in two teams
Team 1: The green light gang
Team 2: Transformers
Assisted by team Mentors:
Dr. Adeel Mahmood
Dr. Khalil ur Rehman
Dr. Shahla Andleeb
Dr. Afshan Urooj
Mrs. Anam Bajwa
Mrs. Taiba Tariq

Transformers idea( how to convert solid waste into energy and recycling) prove to be most effective due to its practical utility and working model.They managed to secure the second prize.
The Greenlight gang idea for “Go green” was excellent.