Department of Sociology (Research Achievements of Students)

B.S – research scholar of the department of sociology presented their research papers on 23rd -24th NOV 2017 in an international conference on Gender. Human Rights and Islam: Multan –Pakistan under the supervision of Miss Bakhtawar Khan (lecturer at the department of sociology). Following students presented oral and poster presentation on different prevailing social issues of Pakistan with recommendations to solve them accordingly.

Name of BS students (5th semester)

  1. Saira Sajjad (parental conflict and child labor)
  2. Aroosa shehzadi
  3. Saima Ghulam Nabi (Man got devil in him)
  4. Najood Abdul Haq (inter-caste marriages)
  5. Nayyab saman (female claim)
  6. Nayyab akram
  7. Ayesha zaffar (rights of transgender in Pakistan community)
  8. Faiza Bano
  9. Human zulifqar (parental conflict)

topics of research:

  • Paradental conflict and child labor.
  • Man got devil in him.
  • Female Claim.
  • Breach down the discernment of inter-caste marriage