Darkest day to Darkest day 16 dec 1971 to 16 dec 2014

Venue:  Auditorium

Organized by  (Department Political Science)

Department of Political Science has arranged an awakening Program, The main purpose of the Program was too aware the present generation about the previous tragedy and share the grief of those families who suffer in Peshawar Massacre. The event focused East Pakistan tragedy in very brief manner. The chief guest of the Program was Major Retd. Ghulam Rasool who was a front-line soldier in the wars of Pakistan in 1965 and 1971 respectively.


The Program has started at 10:30 a.m. Students and the faculty of Department of Political Science warmly welcome the guests.

The stage secretary started the program with the recitation of Holy Quran and Na’at-e-Rasool (SAW), National Anthem has played. In the later part a Skit (The Story of separation of two wings of Pakistan 1971), in this play students depict the internal influencing factors of disturbance in both wings, those factors mainly became the reason for that time clashes, civil war and at last separation and emerging East Pakistan as Bangladesh on the map of the world.


Furthermore, Aneeqa Komal student of BS Political Science 3rd Semester shared the story of the massacre in Peshawar and the nation lost many innocent lives in that tragedy. While another student of BS Political Science Mubbara Mushtaq from 5th Semester shared a poem as the message of those martyrs. The poem receives many praises in the hall after that stage secretary requested to the audience for one-minute silence and Fatiha-Khuwani for those who leave us.

The Chief Guest Major Retired Ghulam Rasool has invited on stage to tell the story of that time and the role of West Pakistan’s Army. He shared the story very briefly started from 1947 and ended on present Pakistan. He told the audience about the real conflict between India and Pakistan was Kashmir issue. And our forefathers sacrifice their lives to get this country which segregates in two parts, He told about some major factors which became the reasons of separations and became the demands of Bengalis as utilization Foreign exchange of the country, cultural and economic disparities, representation issues were too subversive to the unity of Pakistan. He also mentions about the operation searchlight and the language issue of both wings. At the end of his discussion, he asks for a promise to stay loyal and to sacrifice lives for the protection of Pakistan. Then the floor was open for the Question answer session.


At the End of the ceremony, the Head of Department of Political shared her thoughts and the future measures to eradicate such evils from today’s Pakistan and equality in all provinces of Pakistan. To avoid from repeating past again in the future of Pakistan and ensure that this seminar will be beneficial for the listeners to add up in their knowledge.

The Stage secretary closes the ceremony on 12:30 by thanking all the guests, faculty members, and the audience.