Department of Political Science has arranged a National Seminar on the topic of CPEC: A Milestone in Chona-Pakistan Relations and the keynote speaker for the national seminar was Dr. Ijaz Shafee Gillani, Chairman Gallup. Dr. Ijaz shafee Gillani. Program was started on 10:30 with recitation of Quran, Naat e Rasool e maqbool and national anthem was presented.

The host of the function Ms. Aneeqa Komal from 4th semester Political Science give a brief introduction of Pakistan China relations since 1949 to 2018.
The keynote speaker of National Seminar has briefly discuss the significance of CPEC for Pakistan, Initially he discuss the brief history of the world, and how major economies has been emerged and took all small economies in their control. He stated that China was coming under lower or poorer economy of world that time while they work with commitment and litigation, as well as he told students the main issue in Pakistan and India is no litigation with work while we always focus on the negotiation. This is the research conducted by China over India and Pakistan in past. He discuss three major components of CPEC in which Road and Related infrastructure, energy-related projects and railway. He gives discourse on seven questions and discuss their answers with students how we are taking CPEC and what really it worth for. These questions were related to the misconception of today’s generation in which major comparison of China with British in 1857 East India Company he cleared this misconception very positively. He presented CPEC as cooperation project and also argue on other positive point of view which negated the threats of CPEC for Pakistan.

In later part of seminar he answered the queries of students related CPEC. The Seminar ended on 1:00 p.m.