Blood donation Camp with the collaboration of Sundas Foundation and Directorate of student affairs, GCWUS.

Event time, date, and location:
12:00pm, 6-12-2023
Govt. College women University Sialkot
Chief Guest:
Prof. Dr. Zarrin Fatima Rizvi(Vice Chancellor, GCWUS)
Dr. SadiaMaalik
Incharge blood donor Society, GCWUS.
Ms.Salbia Abbas
Deputy Director Student affairs, GCWUS.
Ms. Zoofishan Sarfraz ahmed Mughal
Sundas Foundation Sialkot.
Technical Support:
Students from the Department of Psychology
Students from the Department of Zoology
Brief Description:
Blood donation stands as a noble act, a selfless gift that sustains life thread. It embodies compassion, offering hope and health to those in need. Each donation echoes a profound commitment to the welfare of humanity. The Blood Donor Society, in collaboration with the
Social Work Society and Sundas Foundation, orchestrated a blood donation camp on the premises of GCWUS. Before blood donation, the Sundas Foundation provided assessment reports as part of their diabetes awareness series. The Blood Donation Camps were a remarkable
initiative for community welfare(Thalasemia patients). Professor Dr. Zarrin Fatima Rizvi, the respected Vice Chancellor of Government College Women University Sialkot, has highlighted the critical need to stress the urgency of blood donations. She acknowledged the organizers and participants for their selfless dedication to saving lives through active participation in the camp.