Blood Donation Camp

The enormous number of students and staff of GCWUS have participated in the noble cause. Before the collection of blood, prior testing was performed by the Representatives of the SKMH &RC which includes weight assessment, etc. Focal persons from the SKMH presented the vote of thanks and appreciated the enthusiasm of students and staff of GCWUS. Moreover, they have ensured the provision of different test reports of the donors free of cost e.g., CBC, Liver function test, etc. Souvenir was presented to the focal person of SKMH & RC by the worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kausar.

Event Organized by:

Dr.Shugufta Firdous (Director student affairs, GCWUS).

Dr.Sadia Maalik (Incharge, Blood donor and health society, GCWUS).

Ms.Salbia Abbas (Incharge, Social Work Society, Focal person Pink Ribbon youth program by HEC, GCWUS).