An orientation session with Prof. Dr. Hadariah Bahron (Faculty of Applied Sciences – UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI, MARA

The Department of Chemistry conducted an orientation session on 13th May 2022 with Prof. Dr. Hadariah Bahron (Faculty of Applied Sciences – UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI, MARA), to discusse the topic – What is research (problems and solutions), introducing the MS and Ph.D students of all batches to scientific research work, its importance, the problems arising during the tenure of research work and how to tackle with these problems.
The whole discussion was held in the video conference room of Govt. College Women University, Sialkot. The guest arrived at 11a.m. with the worthy Vice Chancellor of GCWUS Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kousar. Dr. Tayyaba Shahzadi, (Incharge of Chemistry Department), along with all faculty members warmly welcomed the guest. Dr. Saadia Shoukat hosted the whole discussion. The verses of Holy Quran were recited by Dr. Hafiz Abd Ur Rehman. After that, the whole faculty of Chemistry department gave their brief introduction.
Pro. Dr. Hadariah Bahron shared her feelings about the journey to Pakistan. Based on her vast experience, she shared the problems which can arise during MS and Ph.D research work and then discussed about their solutions one by one. She advised all the students to be consistent during the whole research period. She also invited the students to come to Malaysia to complete their research work there.
At the end, there was a questioning session in which all the students actively participated and payed gratitude to the guest and organizers who organized the useful session for the students. Worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kausar paid special thanks to guest for joining us and also awarded her with an appreciation shield.