A Study Tour of Chemistry Department to Punjab University

              Istakshaaf  Chemical Society             

Department of Chemistry

Venue: Institute of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of The Punjab, Lahore.

Date: 15 February 2018

Class:  B.S   6th semester & M.Sc 2nd  semester

Staff members:

Dr. Tayyaba Shahzadi

Dr. Tauheeda Riaz

Miss Anam Noor Hussain

Miss Faseeha Maqsood

Miss Mariya Moeen

 The Department of Chemistry has arranged a study tour to the Institute of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of The Punjab, Lahore.The delegation consists of students of B.S 6th & M.Sc 2nd  semester under the supervision of five faculty members.

The journey was started at 7.00am from GCWU, Sialkot. The delegation arrived at 11.30 am at Institute of Chemistry & Biochemistry where host warmly welcomed the guest.

The Institute of Chemistry & Biochemistry has appointed a guide with the delegation.The guide has shown the students the modern equipment’s to analyze the sample in Chemistry & Biochemistry. They also told about the type of research performed & research facilities available at institutions.


The journey was ended with refreshment and a group photo Dr. Makshoof Athar, the Director, and Dr. M Salman addressed to the students. It was a very informative tour for students.


Department is highly obliged to our honorable Mam VC without her support this was impossible. Department is also thankful to Dean Dr.Haris for his positive response in this regard. It would have been never possible without the true vision and efforts of our most respectable Chairperson Mrs.Nuzhat Munir. And in the last Department also say thanks to security in charge Col.Qamar Gallani whose efforts are speechless to make this journey safe and secure.