CS / IT Departmental Achievements 2017


  1. First Position for the best participation in Sports Gala held at GCWU Sialkot. (May, 2016)
  2. 2nd Position in Three legs race held at GCWU Sialkot. (May, 2016)
  3. 1st Position in Tug of War held under the event Sports Gala at GCWU Sialkot (May, 2016)
  4. First position in QUIZ Competition held at Comsats wah (12th Nov, 2016)
  5. 2nd Position in Project Exhibition held under the event IEEEPIE at UOG Sialkot Campus. (Nov 19th , 2016)
  6. Runner-Up of the Pixel Rush competition held under the event IEEEPie at Uog Sialkot Campus (Nov, 2016)


  1. 2nd Position in painting competition held under AURAT and USAID at GCWU Sialkot.
  2. 4 publications of Final year students at BS Level.
  3. 1st Prize for the declamation Contest held Under the event ASCII17 at International Islamic University, Islamabad.