About | P&D

Functions of P&D Department

  • Assessing the present and future physical, financial and human resource needs of the university academia.
  • Identification of feasible projects for academic, physical growth and expansion of the university.
  • Preparation of development plans and PC-I/project documents for identified projects and schemes.
  • Arrange meetings pertaining to execution of development projects.
  • Coordinate with Engineering Cell, GCWUS.
  • Pursue the development grant proposals with government concerned agencies, i.e., Higher Education Department, Lahore, Planning & Development Department, Lahore, HEC and Planning Commission, Islamabad.
  • Formulate Annual Works Programme and cash plan as per requirement of the university and other concerned bodies.
  • Encourage and guide faculty members to submit projects for securing funding for research programmes.
  • Maintain liaison and coordination with the provincial as well as federal governments’ concerned departments for seeking project approval and in tie funding.
  • Acquisition of land for current and future expansion of the university.