Mrs. Zahida Parveen (Chairperson)

Designation(s): Associate Professor

Education(s): MS

Department(s): Physics


Professional History:

Ms Zahida Parveen is currently working in department of Physics Govt. College Women University, Sialkot as an Associate Professor/Chairperson. She joined Punjab HED as a lecturer in 1994 and then GCWUS in 2011 as an Assistant Professor of Punjab HED. Her research interests are in the field of Theoretical Material Physics.

Her goal and vision is to work towards making her students confident and talented individuals who are able to compete at all national and international levels. She wishes to instil in her students an honest work ethic, a genuine thirst for knowledge and the aspiration to dream and achieve bigger and better in all walks of life.

Journal Publication:
Elastic, Electronic & Optical Properties of Anatase TiO_2 under pressure: A DFT approach.  Tariq Mahmood, Humma Malik, Rahat Batool, Zahida Perveen, Farhat Saleemi, Haris Rasheed, M.A. Saeed, Chuanbao Cao, Muhammad Rizwan Chinese Journal of Physics, Volume 55, Issue 4, August 2017, Pages 1252-1263

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