Ms. Sadaf Zahra Jafri

Designation(s): Assistant Professor

Education(s): PhD.Scholar

Department(s): Psychology


Professional History:

Qualification &               BA, MSc, MPhil (Clinical Psychology)
Education                       PhD Scholar
Research Publications: (only impact factor/HEC approved ISI indexed journal with web link):

  • Singh, Swaran; Sadiq, Sarosh; Jafri, Sadaf Zahra; Ikram, Aisha, & Suhail, Kausar. (2012)

Ethnographic Analysis of Expressed Emotions in Families of Patients with

Shizophrenia. International Journal of Mental Health, vol-40 (No.40), pp 86-103- ISSN


  • Ikram, Aisha; Suhail, Kausar; Jafri, Sadaf Zahra, & Singh, Swaran (2011). Rates of

Expressed  Emotions in Pakistani Relatives of Patients with Schizophrenia. Israel

     Journal of Psychiatry  and Related Sciences, vol-48 (No.2), pp 74-81-ISSN 0333-7308


  • Jafri, Sadaf Zahra; Suhail, Kausar, & Sing, Swaran (2008-2010). Cultural Validity of

Emotional Over Involvement. Report on PMI2 Connect, Research Project. British

Council, GCU Lahore, University of Warwick