Dr.Sadaf Jamil Rana

Designation(s): Assistant Professor

Education(s): PhD

Department(s): Physics

Email: sadaf.jamil.rana@gcwus.edu.pk

Professional History:

From innovation in the field of science to write the scientific reports and publications, I have had an immensely diverse yet profound experience in the field of physical electronics and nanotechnology over the last decade. The skill sets that I have obtained are not just unique but they also complement each other. I am an honest individual who puts his every effort for the cause that I am committed to. I have expertise in synthesizing single and multidimensional nanostructure of diverse shapes using wet chemical techniques. My work also extends onto the fabrication of numerous nanoscale devices including heterojunction LEDs, Schottky LEDs, humidity and potentiometric biosensors and, other nanodevices.

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