Ms. Rumisha Raza

Designation(s): Visiting Lecturar

Education(s): M.Phil

Department(s): Zoology


Professional History:

Being a young scientist in the field of molecular biology, I have applied the knowledge of DNA for the identification, characterization and phylogenetic analysis of different animal species. Such DNA studies are far more simple and reliable than traditional identification methods. My career goal is to apply latest techniques of molecular biology and biotechnology. For this purpose, I am working on the basic research of recombinant DNA technology for the development of such products which are useful for everyone as well as economical. In this way, I would be able to serve my country and its countrymen.

Conference publications:

  • Raza R. Firyal S. Awan A R. M Tayyab. Anjum A A. Tariq H. and M. Wasim. Role of Mitochondrial ND2 gene in Identification of Avian species. 38th All Pakistan Science Conference. CEES University of Punjab.  December 10-11. 2018
  • Firyal S. Ali A. Awan A R. M Tayyab. M Imran. Raza R. Ashraf H. and M. Wasim. Genetic Characterization of Pakistani Pigeons using Mitochondrial Gene. 38th All Pakistan Science Conference. CEES University of Punjab. December 10-11. 2018
  • Saeed M. Rahim Q. Batool F. Raza R. Khan S. and Jahan N. Laboratory Evaluation of different Synthetic Mosquito Repellents against Aedes aegyptii. International Conference on Innovative  Biological and Public Health Research. GC University Lahore. May 6-8. 2014

Research THESIS:

  • Molecular characterization of Pakistani raptors (families Accipitridae and Falconidae) through mitochondrial ND2 gene
  • Laboratory Evaluation of Mosquito Repellent products against Aedes aegyptii
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