Ms. Naima Mubarak

Designation(s): Lecturer

Education(s): M.Phil

Department(s): Statistics


Professional History:


  • 1 st Position in MPhil ( Vice Chancellor’s Gold Medal )
  • 1 st Position in Masters ( Vice Chancellor’s Gold Medal )
  • HEC Merit Scholarship in Masters & Mphil.
  • Merit Certificate in Masters & Mphil.

Research Publications:

1 Mubarak, N., Hussain, I., Faisal, M., Hussain, T., Shad, M. Y., AbdEl-Salam, N. M., & Shabbir, J. Spatial Distribution of Sulfate Concentration in Groundwater of South-Punjab, Pakistan. Water Quality, Exposure and Health, 1-11.

2 Hussain, I., Mubarak, N., Shabbir, J., Hussain, T., & Faisal, M. (2014). Spatial interpolation of sulfate concentration in groundwater including covariates using Bayesian hierarchical models. Water Quality, Exposure and Health, 1-7.

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