Dr. Anila Arshad

Designation(s): Assistant ProfessorIPFP

Education(s): PhD

Department(s): Chemistry

Email: anila.arshad87@yahoo.com

Professional History:

Dr. Anila Arshad has focused her research career upon Nanomaterials synthesis. She obtained her Ph.D from Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 2018 from China on CSC scholarship [PhD supervisor Prof. Dr. Leyu Wang, BUCT, China]. Her field of specialization is Analytical chemistry. During her PhD work, she was engaged to design fluorescent probes, fabrication of nanostructures, and synthesis of multifunctional luminescent and colorimetric nanomaterials for bioimaging, drug delivery and biosensing applications. She joined GCWU, Sialkot in August 2019 as Assistant professor under IPFP policy.

Journal Publications

  1. Raheel Akram, Anila Arshad, Sami Ullah Dar, Majid Basharat, Wei Liu, Shuangkun Zhang, Zhanpeng Wu*. Biocompatible fluorescent polyamine‐based cyclophosphazene hybrid nanospheres for targeted cell imaging. Polymers for advanced materials. 2020, 425- 432.
  2. Anila Arshad, *Raheel Akram, Saleem Iqbal, Fozia Batool, Bushra Iqbal, Bilal Khalid, Arif Ullah Khan. Aqueous synthesis of tunable fluorescent, semiconductor CuInS2 quantum dots for bioimaging. Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2019, 4840-4847
  3. Anila Arshad, Hui Wang, Xilin Bai, Rui Jiang, Suying Xu,* and Leyu Wang*, Colorimetric paper sensor for sensitive detection of explosive nitroaromatics based on Au@Ag nanoparticles. Spectrochimica Acta A. Molecular and Bimolecular spectroscopy, 2019, 16-22.
  4. Anila Arshad‡, Raheel Akram‡,*, Sami Ullah Dar, Saleem Iqbal. A single step fast track methodology for detection of hazardous melamine by using highly sensitive tannic acid modified nanogold probe. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2019, DOI: 10.1166/jnn.2019.16716
  5. Anila Arshad, Qing Gaoa, Nannan Lia, Raheel Akram, Suying Xu*, and Leyu Wang*. pH Dependent Highly Selective and Sensitive Detection of Tannic acid in Wines by using 3- Aminophenyl Boronic Acid Functionalized Fluorescein Isothiocyanate Fluorescent Probe. Submitted to Nanoscale Research Letters, Under review.
  6. Chang Guo, Suying Xu, Anila Arshad, and Leyu Wang*. A pH-responsive Nanoprobe for Turn-On 19F-Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Chemical Communications, 2018,54 (70).
  7. Hui Wang, Jiabin Cui, Arshad Anila, Suying Xu* and Leyu Wang*, A visual photothermal paper sensor for H2S recognition through rational modulation LSPR wavelength of plasmonics. Science China Chemistry, 2018, 1-7,
  8. Raheel Akram, Muhammad Aizaz Ud Din, Sami Ullah Dar, Anila Arshad, Wei Liu, Zhanpeng Wu*, Dezhen Wu*. From Ureidopyrimidinone containing organic precursor to excavated iron-nitrogen codoped hierarchical mesoporous carbon (Ex-FeN-MC) as Efficient Bifunctional Electrocatalyst. Nanoscale, 2018, 5658-5668.
  9. Raheel Akram, Anila Arshad, Zhanpeng Wu*, Dezhen Wu. Efficient Modification with Flexible Spacing Coating for In-situ Reversible Assembly of Semi-Rigid Macroscopic Objects through Hierarchical Metal Coordination. Polymers for advanced technologies, 2018, 226-233.
  10. Anila Arshad, Hongli Chen, Xilin Bai, Suying Xu*, and Leyu Wang*. One-Pot Aqueous Synthesis of Highly Biocompatible Near Infrared CuInS2 Quantum Dots for Target Cell Imaging. Chinese Journal of Chemistry. 2016, 576-582.
  11. Raheel Akram, Muhammad Saqib, Bilal Khalid, Anila Arshad. Effects of extraction media and techniques on the antioxidant properties and recovery of phenolics from roots of Glycyrrhiza Glabra. Journal of Molecular Pathophysiology, 2015, 138-143


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