Fee Challan Of Students

Challan form for BS and MA/M.Sc. Department/s
01BS & Msc Challan Form of 2017-21 Fine Arts
02BS & Msc Challan Form of 2017-21 NS
03BS & Msc Challan Form of 2017-21 SS
04BS, M.A Msc,MS (2018-22,18-20)-Fine Arts
05BS, M.A Msc,MS (2018-22,18-20)-NS
06BS, M.A Msc,MS (2018-22,18-20)-SS
07BS, M.A Msc,MS (2019-23,19-21)-Fine Arts
08BS, M.A Msc,MS (2019-23,19-21)-NS
09BS, M.A Msc,MS (2019-23,19-21)-SS
10BS, M.A Msc,MS (2020-24,20-22)-Fine Arts
11BS, M.A Msc,MS (2020-24,20-22)-NS
12BS, M.A Msc,MS (2020-24,20-22)-SS & Economics
Challan form for MS Department/s
01MS, M.phil (2019-21)-Eng,Eco & BBA
02MS, M.phil (2019-21)-NS
03MS, M.phil (2019-21)-Urdu,Isl & Pol
04MS,M.phil (2020-22)-Eng,BBA
05MS,M.phil (2020-22)-NS
06MS,M.phil (2020-22)-Urdu,Isl & Pol
Challan form for Ph.D. Department/s
01Ph.D (2019)-Economics & BBA
02Ph.D (2019)-Natural Sciences
03Ph.D (2019)-Social Sciences
04Ph.D (2020)-Economics & BBA
05Ph.D (2020)-Natural Sciences
06Ph.D (2020)-Social Sciences
Challan form for SSDP Department/s
01BS, SSDP (2017-21 & 2018-22)-Natural Sciences
02BS, SSDP (2017-21 & 2018-22)-Social Sciences
03BS,SSDP (2019-23)-Natural Sciences
04BS,SSDP (2019-23)-Social Sciences
05BS, SSDP (2020-24)-Natural Sciences
06BS, SSDP (2020-24)-Social Sciences